Dealing with a Burst Water Pipe

If there’s one particular home emergency that can all but guarantee to cause a nuisance; it’s a burst pipe. These events can occur for a range of reasons, from damage within the pipework all the way to a rusty port or connection. One thing’s for certain when these things happen however – and that’s that you will undoubtedly need to consider hiring a plumber.

When choosing a professional, be sure to find an expert that can offer emergency services – or you might be waiting for days on end to have your problem taken care of. Even if they do promise to be with you within a few hours, you’ll still be left to deal with the burst – and this could result in water getting everywhere.

In extreme circumstances you might even find parts of your home suffering with damage, so what can you do to minimise your risk in the meantime, while you wait for your expert to come out?

Turn off all valves

Fortunately water can be stopped – even if it doesn’t seem like so when dealing with a blown or leaking pipe. Most homes will have outlets that control the flow of water, so the first thing that you’ll need to do is turn this off. The water will continue to flow, but it won’t get past the shut off point, which can buy you some valuable time to take care of the next task.

Turn off all electronic devices

Depending on where these appliances are located, you might want to take care of this task first. If the water is contained however, you may have a little extra time; just be sure to avoid contacting any regions that may be conducting electricity as a result of the water flow. To be safe, just turn all fuse switches into the off position and leave them that way until your plumber arrives.

Before too long your plumber should be with you, and they’ll be able to fix the cause of the burst and offer advice on how best to rectify any damage that has been caused.